Be So Happy

Be So Happy
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25 lively songs, sung by children


Be so happy

  • 25 lively songs, sung by children
  • Song themes include: family life, healthy habits, interactions with others, and other aspects of character-building

Song list

  1. Sing a Song of Joy
  2. Brushy Brushy
  3. Two Ducks and a Frog
  4. Helping Hands
  5. Baby Brother
  6. Do It Now
  7. God Made All Animals
  8. Quacky the Duck
  9. I'd Like to Be Invisible
  10. Growing
  11. Magic of Love
  12. My Mommy is Having a Baby
  13. H-A-P-P-Y
  14. Where Would We Be
  15. Try Again
  16. Happiness
  17. Happy Helper
  18. If You Give Love
  19. Keep Clean
  20. Don't Give Up
  21. Baby Is Going to Need Me
  22. Little Things
  23. It Comes Back to You
  24. Have A Good Laugh at Yourself
  25. We're Happy
Additional Information

Additional Information

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