Feed My Lambs: Bible Verses in Song

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Feed My Lambs: Bible Verses in Song
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90 key Bible verses in 41 songs


  • 41 songs, 90 basic Bible verses
  • The popular Feed My Lambs simplified Bible verses for children series put to music
  • Makes understanding and learning scriptures easy and fun

Song list

  1. Love Never Fails
  2. Love One Another
  3. Love the Lord
  4. Believe
  5. Children of God
  6. God so Love the World
  7. Knock
  8. You Will Be Saved
  9. A New Person
  10. According to Your Faith
  11. Trust in the Lord
  12. All Things are Possible
  13. Perfect Peace
  14. I Can
  15. Delight Yourself in the Lord
  16. I Will Never Leave Thee
  17. Ask God
  18. All Your Heart
  19. I am There
  20. Pleasing
  21. I Will Do It
  22. God's Word is Truth
  23. Your Word
  24. Love, Do Good and Pray
  25. Redeem the Time
  26. More Blessed to Give
  27. In Unity
  28. God is Love
  29. I am the Way
  30. I am the Light
  31. You'll be Happy
  32. Looking unto Jesus
  33. Keep my Commandments
  34. Forgive and Confess
  35. Fruit of the Spirit
  36. Be My Witnesses
  37. Go, Go
  38. Let Your Light Shine
  39. Up, Up, Up
  40. Jesus Heals You
  41. Greater is He
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Additional Information

Language English
EAN/ISBN 7640108862693
Product Type Audio CD
Product Dimensions 142 x 124 x 10.2 mm ( 5.6 x 4.9 x 0.40 in )
Publisher Aurora Production
Quantity Per Carton 100
Disc Type CD
Case Type Jewel Case

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