We Can Get Along/Happy Holiday (NTSC)

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We Can Get Along/Happy Holiday (NTSC)
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Each 30-minute Treasure Attic show features lively music, meaningful songs, and delightful stories that make learning fun


We Can Get Along / Happy Holiday

  • An educational entertainment video
  • Themes/values: importance of little things, taking initiative, being content, how differences make people special, tact, animal facts, getting along, simple art lesson; making others happy, playtime etiquette, ocean animals, ocean transportation, appreciating diversity, kindness, patience, understanding how everyone makes mistakes, wonders of the night

We Can Get Along
The song "Little Things" shows how even small deeds of kindness can reap big results! When Beauty, a neighbor's cat, gets caught in a nearby tree, host Uncle Jim and Peepers, his faithful sheep-dog, launch a hilarious rescue operation. However, problems begin to set in for Peepers when he starts imagining that Uncle Jim likes Beauty more than him. But Peepers is reassured and all is well after a marvelous Story Chest song adventure into "The Garden," where everyone discovers how very needed and special each of us are. Wonderful lessons on friendship leap to life in the grand finale song "We Can Get Along."

Happy Holiday
In this episode, important topics such as swimming safety and not making fun of others are covered. While stopping at a fishing village, inquisitive sheep dog Peepers and the scholarly Bunny Bigword learn about different types of ships and discover some oceanic wonders. Arriving at a picturesque camping spot, Uncle Jim tries not to get discouraged after a humorous attempt to set up a tent on his own! Peepers and Bunny come to the rescue, and all three have a good laugh as the Treasure Attic trio realizes that "We All Make Mistakes."

Additional Information

Additional Information

Language English
EAN/ISBN 7640108866271
Product Dimensions 135 x 190 x 15 mm ( 5.3 x 7.5 x 0.6 in )
Publisher Aurora Production
Quantity Per Carton 50
First Published Date 05-01-2009
Last Published 05-01-2009
Video Format NTSC
Disc Type DVD

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